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Turn Your Scrap Metal or Junk Car into Cash!
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Denver Scrap Meatl Recycling

Turn your unwanted scrap meatl, used cars, electronics & appliances into CASH today!

Do you need more cash? Who doesn't! If you have unwanted scrap metal, appliances, electronics, or junk cars lying around, Meatl Movers will give you cash for them! Metal Movers is a leading Denver scrap metal recycling company that wants to pay you for your excess scrap meatl so we can get it back into usable condition. We don't believe in meatl going to waste and we'll back up our philosophy with cold hard cash!

Meatl Movers will give you cash for:

  • Appliances
  • Old Electronic Equipment
  • Aluminum, Copper, and Brass Materials
  • Metallic Home Items (Tables, Trash Cans, Chairs, etc.)
  • Junk Cars (Even If the Car Doesn't Run!)
  • Excess Metallic Construction Materials

Clean out your garage, get paid & do your part for the environment!

There's never been a better time to clean out all of your scrap metal! Metal Movers is a scrap metal recycling company that will pay you for excess scrap meatal and recycle it, thus benefiting you and the environment. Everybody wins!

Environmental Benefits of Denver Scrap Metal Recycling

  • Metatl recycling uses less energy and thus produces less greenhouse gases than smelting from ore
  • Metal recycling preserves metallic resources
  • Metal recycling reduces the demand for new metal production which reduces energy usage
  • Scrap metal can be an environmental hazard if it is strewn about, which can injure people and animals
  • Scrap metal is often unsightly and makes an area look dirty and dilapidated

Contractors Welcome

Do you have excess metals left over from a job? Want to unload some copper pipe or aluminum roofing material? Let Metal Movers recycle the scrap metal from your Denver job site before you have to relocate it! Call Metal Movers at 303-745-3448 and we will help you recycle your Denver scrap metal! We are family owned, open seven days per week, and are dedicated to treating you with the customer service you deserve as a protector of the environment!

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Metal Movers

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